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I’m an award-winning freelance filmmaker, currently living in London but originally from the North West. I started my media career as an investigative journalist, working for the BBC and Channel 4, winning an RTS Scotland award for my work along the way.

I’ve since moved into making documentaries, but that forensic, meticulous way of looking at a topic hasn’t left me. I don’t want to re-hash what people already know, I want to find out what’s going on before people have heard of it - or find new depths to something that everyone thought they understood.

I have worked with people who’ve lost everything, people who’ve lost a child to ISIS, Superintendents of maximum-security prisons, illiterate millionaires, Organised Crime investigators, Neo-nazis and people who have survived unbelievable forms of abuse.

I’m motivated by good human stories. People are unendingly fascinating, whether they've done or been through something extraordinary, awful or unfair.



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